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A One-of-a-Kind Revolving Sushi Restaurant


Our Commitment:

Kaizen is a Japanese word for “Continual Improvement”. Kaizen is our driving force behind everything we do in our restaurant. We are committed to continuously improving the freshness of our sushi, speed of our service and the atmosphere of our restaurant. One of the ways to keep our commitment is through technology. We have added RFID (radio frequency identification) to all of our plates to ensure that our sushi is always fresh on the belt and added Automatic reject system, which automatically removes the plates on the belt. We also have Express Delivery where the robot car will deliver your dishes to your table for fast service. Kaizen Revolving Sushi will continuously follow the Kaizen philosophy to exceed our customers experience and expectation!


What is Conveyor Belt Sushi?

Conveyor Belt Sushi or Revolving Sushi also known as Kaiten Sushi in Japan, literally means “rotation sushi”. Our sushi plates are placed on a revolving conveyor belt that winds through the restaurant and moves pass every table and seat.

The motivation behind this system is to make your dining experience quick and fun. Smaller portions allow you to enjoy a variety of dishes.

How does the Conveyor Belt system work?

1. Find a comfortable spot (bar or booth).
2. Order drinks.
3. See the dish you want on the belt.
4. Take it off the belt and eat.
5. Stack your plates for pricing.

The prices are according to the color coding of the plates. You can grab things off of the belts as well as order off of the menu.

The pricing is as following:

  • Orange $2.45
  • Red $2.95
  • Brown $3.45
  • Blue $3.95
  • Black $4.95

Is it a Buffet?

It is a buffet-styled eating, but it is NOT an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. The color coding of the plates indicates the pricing of each plate and at the end of the meal, the server will tally the plates by the colors and give you the bill.

Kaizen Freshness System?

Our freshness system tracks all of the Sushi plates on the conveyor. Each plate has a RFID ( Radio Frequency identification) tag on the bottom surface of the plate. Once the plate exceeds a set time period, it will automatically be rejected by our system making sure our food is always fresh.